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I was only 5 when I had a dream that my younger brother and I were at a fair and we were holding hands and walking towards the rides. All of the sudden his balloon popped, and when I turned to see his reaction, he was no longer beside me, disappearing with his balloon. It was the following week that my brother Jason had passed, never to hold my hand again in this physical realm we live in.

We all have intuition, inklings, or that ‘feeling in my gut’ that we should have listened to but didn’t.. These are all things that are used to give us guidance from Spirit Guides.

Many people hear the word Psychic and automatically refer to words like, Psycho, Crazy, Mentally Unstable, attention seeker. From a religious point of view there would be an immediate relation to Pagan practises, Wiccan religion, evil and maybe even demonic forces behind the gift of Prophecy…and then there are those who know that, what lay beyond this life has to be more than what we’re seeing. That existence cannot possibly end here, the very reason being that ‘something’ inside of them is telling them so. We are all gifted, some of us have a stronger connection to the Spiritual Realm, and some of us School in the Supernatural, exercising our gifts until we know they help us to discern through our journeys, so that we may have the ultimate experience in life. Whatever level, or place you may be with your ‘gut’ or ‘instinct’’ telling you yes or no, that is your natural psychic ability trying to give you Guidance to the next step, to yet another wonderful life revelation.

Information may not necessarily be what you want to hear, there have been many times I have had to say to clients that I would not be able to continue with any more readings until they began to take some responsibility of their own actions. You have to remember, psychics are not here to live your life for you, we are here to help you along your journey, and validate things on the way. The knowledge and advice we give is from the Spirit Realm, we are the messengers, so it is up to you to interrupt the meaning.

Julia & Her Guides

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