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Now that you know about me, this is the perfect time to book a reading, so we can learn more about you…

A one on one reading can either be done in person, or on the phone. The only preparation you have to do, is to please give me your name when booking, if there is a specific question you have, or area in your life you are concerned about, then also include that in your booking. I will call you for that specific time and date and proceed with the appointment.


For group readings, I would have to have a minimum of 10 people, it will be in a gallery like setting, where everyone will sit in the same room, and whichever Spirits decide to come through, I will relay the messages sent. Not everyone can be guaranteed to communicate with a loved one, but for the most part everyone will leave with a message. If the group would like to have individual readings done after the gallery reading is finished, there will be a discounted price for the group, and a free reading for the Host.

Please note that I will only take payments through PayPal, I can longer accept personal cheques.




Details of your reading:  When we meet you can record our session if you like :). Many poeple come and record session on their phone or personal recording device.  


Personal reading $100 an hour

Group reading $90 per person with a minimum of 6 people






Personal Readings

  - 1 on 1 :)

Group Readings
  - 10 or more :)


Group Rates:

- $100 an hour Personal


- $90 per person min 6 people Group          Contact Us


- Group Readings: is a one hour group setting followed by each individual receiving a 30 minute personal reading.

Note: For people involved in a group session of 10 people or more, please call for pricing

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Booking Instructions

Hello, here are some simple booking instructions

"I Hope this helps :)"

I no longer use an online calendar. To make a booking or an appointment please call me on my mobile/text: 613-281-8179, you can also  email me at: if you are on Facebook you can find me here:

Or visit my contact page and send me an email through contacts :)



** Note: When booking appointments, If emailing or calling,  give as much detail about you, to include, your full name, phone number, address and email address.


Thank you :)      






Booking Instructions

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