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Mediumship is to have the ability to communicate to a Spirit that has already passed. There can be so much healing and growth to be able to speak to a loved one after he or she has moved on to the next part of their journey. Most of the time, in my experience, the family member or friend just wants the individual Spirit to tell them that they are ok, and that they are missed.Many want to know the circumstances concerning the Spirit’s death, or the sequence of events that led up to it in order to quell grief and give closure. With the Spirits I have connected with, and the clients that wanted to speak to them, many times the Spirit wanted the family to know that they were fine, to move on, and would see them again soon.


Remember, time in the Spirit world doesn’t exist as it does in our realm; we need to continue to keep living, and prepare for the next step in our journey.

See: Mediumship

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