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In the Beginning…

Everything has a beginning point, and my abilities as a sensitive/Psychic  began as a small girl growing up in a rural community in North Eastern Ontario.  Although I was in a small farming community, I had the privilege to be introduced to many different types of people because of the horse ranch we ran. Many different types of cultures, who differed in religions and a large spectrum of ethnicities and social beliefs gathered year after year…but there was one thing that was of the upmost importance that I was taught, was  when they stepped upon our soil, we are all the same…

While meeting many of these people, I would begin to have many different emotional and psychological reactions…for some I would only walk near them and feel  the depths of their emotions, and others I would touch, and receive visual and audio instances of and in their lives, allowing me to treat each individual in the way they specifically needed..

Over the years, and my many different earthly experiences, I learned how to listen to my inner voices, as I now know to be my Guides, have them help to guide and lead others to happier, more fulfilling lives…And although, at times, the message may be revealing in ways that could be even offensive, it will always be for the greater good, to lift you up, help you learn, and advance to the next lesson for a beautiful and full life.



Julia MacFadyen

© 2012 by Julia MacFadyen. All rights reserved

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