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  1. catch fire or cause to catch fire.

    "furniture can give off lethal fumes when it ignites"


    catch fire, burst into flames, combust; More

    • arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation).

      "the words ignited new fury in him"


arouse, kindle, trigger, spark, instigate, excite, provoke, stimulate, animate, stir up, whip up, rally, jump-start, incite, fuel

"the campaign failed to ignite voter interest"

This is the definition in the dictionary of the word ' Ignite', and the name of my new office, created just for that very reason. We internally have a fire burning, waiting for ' Ignition' so that you, as an individually Gifted and Spiritual being, can offer what has been been Divinely bestowed upon you, to give and use for all around you.


I now will soon be offering Reiiki, and soon The Human Design System to help you with internal peace and awareness and ind increased focus on your Journey. Along with my other services I can offer, it is my goal to get you to know and Love you. Once we're all unconditional and aware, even the sky isn't the limit.



Reiki Healing is an ancient Japanese science of healing it is a gentle, non-invasive complimentary energy healing method that promotes overall health on all levels – body, mind and spirit/soul.

It removes energy blockages, provides deep relaxation and this promotes health and well being. It assists the body to release stress anxiety and tension during a Reiki healing session among many other things including:

  • Supporting & accelerates the body’s healing abilities

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Supporting the healing of emotional wounds

  • Supporting the healing of both acute and chronic physical pain and dis-ease

  • It aides in the breaking of addictions

  • It helps relieve pain

  • It  supports the immune system

  • Increases vitality


** Come in for a consult, we will be offering Reiki services starting in early May 18.

Human Design Readings (Coming Soon!)

Human Design is about your decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life for you. It is a way of allowing your body's intelligence to guide you on your path in life. Making decisions based on what is fixed and reliable in you as opposed to making decisions from your mind. The mind is always influenced by the outside conditioning and propaganda and doesn't reflect your uniqueness. It can show you how to live not according to rules, advice and opinions of others, but as an original human being, as yourself.

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